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Choosing a Daybed for Adult Use

While the daybed has long been a staple of children rooms, many furniture makers are now offering options that are more adult friendly. Adult daybeds are perfect for dens, offices, or any room that will occasionally house overnight guests. They are designed to be fully functional chairs or couches when not in use. When used as a bed, daybeds provide far better support than most other pull out mattresses, giving your guests a night’s rest as good as they would find at a hotel. Manufactured in a number of different colors and fabrics, they can easily blend with any decor.

When searching for a high quality daybed for adult use, the process is similar to that employed when looking for any major furniture purchase. The best quality pieces are those built with a solid wood frame. Metal frames do tend to be a less expensive option, but they may not provide as much support to the cushions, causing them to become lumpy and misshapen. The frame should fully support occupants of the chair, both while in a seated position as well as while laying down. Before committing to an adult daybed, make sure that you take the time to use it for both functions to ensure that it performs both well.

The fabric that you choose is largely a matter of taste, but durability should factor into the decision. Daybeds that will be in heavy use should be made of a thick fabric that is easy to spot clean and wash. Canvas is the perfect choice for the office or den. To make care even easier, look for cushions that can be removed and placed in the washing machine as needed. This will save a great deal of money on the expense of hiring furniture cleaners.

A daybed is a great way to turn any office or den into a temporary guest bedroom.