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The 3 Shelf Bookcase

There are many different styles of bookcases, but one of the most popular styles is the 3 shelf bookcase. The reason this particular bookcase is so popular is because of its size. It can easily fit into smaller spaces, underneath windowsills or you can purchase a bookcase that is designed to hang on the wall. A three shelf bookcase can be used for its original purpose, to store books, or it can also be used to showcase different decorative items. The great thing about most 3 shelf bookcases is that, unless they are designer furniture or antique, they are relatively inexpensive to buy.

Cost of a 3 Shelf Bookcase

For example, a simple Sauder 3 shelf bookcase can usually be purchased for anywhere from $25 to $30.  You can also find very reasonably priced bookcases at many other stores around the country. Ameriwood Industries sell them for as little as $13, while an Orion bookcase will only cost you $18.

If you are looking for something that is a better quality you would probably choose a 3 shelf bookcase made from mahogany, oak or some other hardwood.  Naturally these will cost more, depending on the quality of the craftsmanship and the wood used for building the bookcase. While these can sometimes be found at department stores you will probably have a better chance of finding a high quality one from an actual furniture store.  Prices can be as high as $100 or slightly more for a solid, well build hardwood bookcase.

If you buy your bookcase online you will need to factor in the shipping costs as well. Some stores will waive shipping fees for orders over a certain amount, which is a saving if you need to buy several pieces of furniture at the same time. The bookcase will most likely be shipped to you in an unassembled state but it is usually fairly easy to put together a simple 3 shelf bookcase.


There are many different designs of 3 shelf bookcases.  If you are purchasing one of the cheaper designs it will not be made from hardwood. In this case, you do need to be careful not to spill water on the bookcase or to place it in damp or humid situations as the faux wood may well swell and the veneer peel off. With care this type of shelf should last fairly well.

A 3 shelf bookcase cherry design is a bookcase that is made to look as though it was made from cherry wood. Of course, very little furniture is actually made from cherry wood these days as the cost is fairly prohibitive, however there are many nice cherry 3 shelf bookcases available. It is an extremely popular choice of bookcase. There are different types of cherry finish. A dark cherry finish is often seen. A cinnamon cherry finish resembles a dark brown with a reddish, cherry tinge.

Another popular design is the 3 shelf bookcase white design. While a painted white bookcase may not have all of the same charm as a cherry wood bookcase, it is a very versatile bookcase. It will fit in well with almost any environment. It is perfect for home offices and it looks great in a child’s bedroom as well.  In fact it is most commonly seen in a baby or toddlers bedroom, where it is used for storing children’s books and toys.

Metal 3 shelf bookcases are also fairly common. They are popular to use in office areas, home offices and even can be used around the home although the cheaper types really do not have the same aesthetic appeal as a wood book case. As with the cheaper bookcases, you do need to be sure to protect metal shelving from water, as even if it is sealed it is possible that water can still damage it, especially if the sealant is cracked at all.

The 3 shelf bookcase is a very popular and easily located piece of furniture. Its versatility and usefulness has guaranteed it a place in almost every home and it is likely to remain a mainstay of home furniture for many years to come.