Marble Tiles for the Elegant Look of Your Home

marble tilesWhen planning a kitchen or bathroom renovation, using marble tiles can offer a different and stylish alternative to other wall and floor coverings. Its classic appearance and naturally occurring striations and patterns give a unique and sophisticated look to any decor.

Marble tiles come in many sizes, colors and styles and can be used as one’s primary tile or as decorative accent pieces. Marble tiles include white Italian Carrara marble, red marble from Sienna and France, Egyptian marble, Grecian marble and domestic varieties such as Tennessee marble. They also come in beautifully designed artisan styles.

On average, according to HGTV, marble tile ranges between $5.00 and $15.00 per square foot, before installation. They can be purchased at home stores, wholesale manufacturers and in specialty stores in large slabs or in tiles as small 2 x 2-inches up to 12 x 12-inches and larger. Other factors to consider when purchasing marble tile are the cost of grout, spacers and sealer.

Unlike porcelain tile and other and floor- or wall-coverings, maintaining marble tile requires more than simple, routine cleaning. Marble tile must be sealed, not only after installation, but periodically after cleaning in order to maintain its appearance and integrity. Because marble is natural stone, porous and more sensitive to temperature changes than other floor coverings, marble tile can be prone to cracks and fissures, so it’s important to have extra tiles on hand in case you ever need to replace a cracked tile or two.

Since marble tiles are more expensive than other materials, it is a good idea to contact a home remodeling contractor who has the experience and expertise on how to install marble tiles for your counter tops or flooring.  A professional installer will give you a peace of mind that your floor will look great for years to come.

Despite the expense and high maintenance, selecting marble tile can be worth the investment for the beauty and elegance that it lends to any environment.

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