Design Tips For Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

bathroom-remodelingYou might be constructing a home and designing an entirely new bathroom. Or perhaps you are remodeling an old room or adding another bathroom to your home. In any case, you have a clear amount of room to use. Use these tips as you go forward.

First, consider the bathrooms requirements, those being a sink and a toilet. Then you’ll also need either put in a bathtub or a shower stall if you are working on a full bathroom. An important point to consider is whether you want to go with just a bath, a shower or a combination of the two. A shower can be incorporated above the bath as a bath shower or as a separate entity such as a walk in shower. Your choice will largely be determined by your preferences and the amount of space you have available.

Next are the items you would like to incorporate. Many times people use a sink cabinet to give storage, but if your room is small or you prefer a more modern look, pick a pedestal sink. You will almost certainly want to add a mirror to hang over the sink, and you may opt for a mirrored medicine chest that will give you even more storage space. A fan can be helpful for keeping humidity out and you will in all probability want a space for shelves of some kind.

Measure your bathroom well and choose things that you think you would like in your bathroom and get the measurements. Some suggest drawing a plan to scale, but for those of us who are less visual, it can be helpful to cut paper to the actual size of the area of the item. Then lay out the paper representations in the room until you get a gratifying arrangement, but be quite sure to allow for space to walk in between them.

If everything fits well, there are a few more considerations. You might be restricted by plumbing or electricity. Will the windows, if there are any, give you too little privacy?

If necessary, tweak your plan until you have a design that is beautiful and uses the space as effectively as possible. If you simply have too much stuff for the room, think about out what can go. For example, you can use a pedestal sink, which takes less space than a full cabinet. On the other hand, you can use a cabinet but do not include shelves. You can store a small amount of towels, toilet paper, etc. in a sink cabinet and put bulkier extra supplies in a different closet or room nearby.

With a bit of creativeness and accurate measurements, you will have a fantastic bathroom. Once your bathroom design is finished, it is time to actually make it happen. Your time and hard effort will really pay off.

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