Three Reasons People Choose Foam Pipe Insulation

Why Use Foam Pipe Insulation
Foam pipe insulation is a great way to increase the energy efficiency of your home, while gaining a few personalized benefits in the process. Quite simple, pipe insulation is a type of insulation in the shape of a tube that is designed to slide snuggly around your hot water pipes to decrease the strain on your hot water heater and lower your energy consumption. There are several types of pipe insulation, but the two most common are foam and fiberglass based.

Fiberglass insulation is known for being flame retardant which makes it extremely valuable for pipes that are near the pilot flame of the water heater. However the material is difficult to work with because it is so hard to cut. Additionally, it doesn’t bend well around the corners extremely common in home piping.

Photo By: Marc Falardeau

Foam pipe insulation is much easier to work with and only requires a utility knife and access to the wall. A great time to install foam pipe insulation is when you are remodeling, or perhaps trying to soundproof a room with soundproof sheetrock. If you are not planning on opening walls, it is still beneficial to cover pipes in the areas you have access to like basements, attics, and crawl spaces.

Benefits Of Pipe Insulation
Once installed, pipe insulation boasts a number of benefits both for your comfort and your pocketbook. Some of the most popular reasons people use foam pipe insulation include:

  • Hotter Water – Water in insulated pipes is generally two degrees hotter than non-insulated sometimes even more.
  • Faster Showers – Water inside insulated pipes stays hotter for long after turn off the shower. Meaning when you come back it takes less time for the water to reach your shower head.
  • Energy Savings – The reduced requirement of hot water, and less cold water waste lower your energy bills and help to save the environment.

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