Keep Your Koi Food Interesting

Koi fish can be coloured from simple grey through to amazing white, black, yellow, blue or red and a combination of all these colours. They are omnivores so will eat a huge range of foods. You must still make sure however, that the fish food you feed your Koi is balanced nutritionally. To entice them to the surface of the pond feed them floating food, they may then become tame enough so you can feed them by hand. They will recognise you and come to you for food.

For cheap koi food you can feed your Koi straight from your own kitchen to reduce the cost of feeding them. Koi love to eat watermelon (but without the rind), all kinds of green salad, grapefruits, oranges, in fact, more or less any fresh vegetables or peeled fruit. Fresh fruit and vegetables will provide your Koi with vitamin C, which can help prevent disease and maintain a healthy immune system. Look to your back garden for other means of food, for example worms. Wash and cut these into small portions and your Koi will be in ecstacy! Fresh seafood and crab are also a delicacy when you are at the supermarket and feel like treating them!

You may like to feed your fish or supplement their food with pre-prepared food from a local pond supplier now and again. Floating Koi food pellets can enhance colour, while some prepared foods help growth and others can include water conditioners and vitamins and trace minerals. You can also purchase high protein foods for energy and immune stimulants as supplements.

Some foods you should steer clear of are corn, bananas, pasta, sweets, chocolate and bread. These foods can cause your Koi to gain weight and are unhealthy.
Koi have a very long life expectancy, some manage to reach their 100’s! The oldest living Koi was female and 226 years young! Remember, your Koi will live longest with a varied and healthy diet as well as a healthy and clean environment.

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