Wicker Chairs for Outdoor Living

Wicker chairs have been a popular addition to patios and outdoor settings for many years. They’ve maintained this allure due to their classic looks and styling. Recently, their popularity has soared due to the desire to be ‘green’ in and around the home.

Can you just buy any old wicker chair? No…you’ll need to put in a little more effort to get a chair to match your backyard decor. Let’s take a look at what to look for in a good outdoor wicker chair.

Photo By: quinn.anya

The first thing to notice is the material used to make the chair. While many sellers carry wicker furniture, much of it is imitation and made from plastic or resin. These non-wood chairs can often lose their color when exposed to the sun for long periods. They also don’t give the right sound when sitting on them.

You’ll want to find the chairs made from wood to get the best looks and style wicker has to offer. While the real wood wicker chairs can be expensive, they will last many years with proper maintenance.

You should insure the wood is weather treated to prevent rot and damage from the sun. Even so, it’s best to bring them in during bad weather or over the winter.

You should also consider what kind of wicker chair to buy. Some of the weaker varieties cannot take the weight of larger people. Rattan is the best material for your chairs. It is a strong and durable material made from the palms of tropical trees and widely available in furniture both indoors and out.

Most wicker chairs come with cushions to soften the seat. This gives you the opportunity to color coordinate them with garden canopies, gazebo canopies or other furniture or designs in your backyard.

Wicker chairs are a smart, stylish and practical furniture for your patio or deck. With careful selection and proper maintenance, they will give you years of relaxation and enjoyment.

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