Why Solar Powered Garden Lights Are Best For Outdoors

With the ongoing renewable energy revolution, solar powered garden lights are increasingly becoming widely accepted today by homeowners in lighting up and beautifying their gardens without fear of increasing their electricity bills. They find it simply as the best thing to use in creating a gentle or festive atmosphere in their outdoors, making it a pleasant place to relax or entertain friends.

Solar powered garden lights can perform a lot of tasks other than illuminating trees or shrubs. They can make pathways for guests, create driveways to guide cars or even serve as security since efficient lighting discourage strangers from gate crashing.

Photo By: Russell Neches

These garden lights are equipped with tiny solar panels and rechargeable batteries that are hidden within the light stand. It works by accumulating sunlight in the daytime, transform this to energy and then store it in the rechargeable batteries. By night fall they are automatically switched on through their sensors and are powered up by the stored solar energy. It can remain lighted for as long as sixteen hours straight at a single charge.

The use of solar powered garden lights holds many advantages over traditional outdoor lighting, such as:

•  Uses no electricity. Great savings on electricity bills.
•  Easy to use. Just place the garden light on the spot you want and proceed with the next.
•  They are wireless. Don’t require any confusing wires and connections.
•  Environment friendly. Emits no harmful carbon imprints.
•  No maintenance cost. Require only routine check up.

Meanwhile, another great way for people with swimming pools to enjoy their outdoors and extend their swimming season while saving money on electricity bills and other related expenses is the use of solar pool covers. Resembling like giant bubble wraps, they are effective regulators as it trap the sun’s energy and use it to heat the water of the swimming pool. Conversely, it also promote heat transference by taking in the heat from the sun to raise the pool’s temperature and maintain it even at night time or in a cloudy day. And even though they are not specifically designed for cleanliness, they also alternatively serve to keep waste materials into entering the pool.  Because of the various benefits this solar pool cover offers, it greatly reduces the homeowners expenditures on heating costs, cleaning chemicals and fees for pool cleaning services.

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