What are the Most Common Uses for Outdoor String Lights?

String lighting is one of the most popular lighting alternatives there is, and from uses around the home to commercial applications, there are many useful applications indeed.  Some of the most common uses are frequently found in outdoor string lights patio and yard applications, but they can also be used to accent other items, like custom glass table tops, landscaping and outdoor furniture, just to name a few.


Outdoor string lights are finding more and more uses in the residential settings, and whether they are lighting up backyard parties or wedding ceremonies, they are some of the most versatile and cost effective lighting options around.  Installation couldn’t be easier, typically only involving a power drill and a ladder for the higher locations around the house, and many are content with just having lighting around the deck or patio, which is usually no more difficult than attaching a few hangers.

LED string lights

Photo By: Selena N. B. H.

Usually most people will string up these type of lights at Christmas or on other festive occasions. However, moreso these days homeowners are also finding that they are useful for highlighting certain areas of their garden or for adding overall ambient lighting outdoors. Of course they are also great to string around patios and other outdoor entertainment areas where they can provide a softer, subdued lighting which can be supplemented by stronger or brighter lights whenever necessary.


Outdoor string lights commercial uses are often the same as those for the home, for decks and outdoor dining areas, and these applications often find commercial outdoor string lights some of the best solutions for outdoor sales events, outdoor concerts, and gatherings like fairs and carnivals.  While these commercial applications do require more work and attention, they are similarly easy and simple to implement, much as the residential applications are.

They are great to use when advertising special promotions or items for sale, or to simply add to a commercial area’s presentation during festive occasions. They are not limited to being used at Christmas either, but can be used to highlight different ethnic festivals throughout the year.

Online Outlets

Some of the best deals on outdoor string lights are found online, the majority of the time, from outlets like www.OogaLights.com and www.PartyLights.com, but there are plenty of retail outlets that carry many of the same designs, although not nearly the selection.  Common outlets like Target and Wal-Mart are great sources for finding cheap outdoor lighting for the most common uses, and for those situations needing more variety; the online outlets are never more than a mouse-click away.

If you are planning on buying your string lights online you may want to actually price them and check them out at one of the brick and mortar outlets before making your online purchase. This way you can be more sure of what you are buying, any limitations on the lighting and exact what the lights look like before investing money in an online sale.

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