Using The New Solar Tiki Torches

Using solar energy is not a new idea but utilizing them on tiki torches is definitely something new. This type of lighting system is very simple and it only makes use of light bulbs and solar panels. Some complicated kits include the use of the same type of panels but with battery storages found in remote locations. There are a lot of people who have made use of these tiki torches for their yard and knowing why they did this might convince you to do the same.

They are very safe: There is no need for you to use flames when it comes to these torches because the lights can be lit using the simple light bulbs. Since the sun is the main source of energy and not fire, you can be assured that you will be kept safe from the dangers of objects catching fire around the tiki torches.

Photo By: S.V.Ceceline

They are very simple to install: The solar torches are very different from the complex solar lighting systems because they do not contain a lot of wires. These things are designed well in a way that all wires are hidden inside of the whole torch. This way, you can have the ease of sticking the whole unit into the ground and securing the foundation with some rocks.

Good for the earth: With this kind of light, you are not required to use electricity with anything. The sun will provide you with what you need and the torches can simply light up on their own. Whenever the energy is not enough for them to be lit, they simply turn off automatically without the use of manual efforts.  They will not waste the earth’s resources in any way.

These torches are truly remarkable but then again, they are very expensive to buy. If ever you do not have the money to get them, you should stick with the traditional ones instead.

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