Sheds Direct Online Ordering

Or how easy is it to buy sheds directly online?

There is nothing better for organizing your home and garden than buying or building garden sheds. If you are looking for sheds USA offers you will find that there are plenty of opportunities for buying them directly online from suppliers. Of course, they do not come assembled, that part is left up to you but for most people who do fairly well at basic handyman tasks this should not prove too difficult.

What Size Is Available?

Sizes vary between different suppliers. Often you will find one type of garden shed available in several different sizes, or alternatively they will have a standard width but are available in varying depths. Some can be as small as four feet, while others range up to ten feet wide. It is a good idea, before ordering, to carefully plan where you will locate your shed once you buy it. You will also need to take into account whether or not you plan on moving your shed from one location to another at any time.

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What Are Sheds Typically Made From?

You can buy sheds made from quite a few different materials, ranging from wood to vinyl PVC or metal although most have metal frameworks.  The PVC sheds are the most popular usually. They are fairly lightweight, easy to assemble and providing the PVC has been treated they will not warp, peel or become yellow when exposed to sunlight or other weather conditions.  Metal on the other hand does tend to rust, even if treated, especially as it is also fairly easy to dent.  Wood may eventually rot and of course there is a lot more upkeep as you will need to paint the shed from time to time in order to try to preserve the wood it is made from.

What Color Sheds To Buy?

There is a variety of colors to choose from, again depending on the supplier and the style of shed you buy. The location of the shed should help to determine the color of the shed; sheds direct in sunlight are better off if they are a lighter, more neutral color as that way they will not become too hot during summer.

What Accessories Will Come With The Shed?

As with every other option, this depends to a large degree on where you buy the shed. Usually windows and doors are optional and you will need to order them when you order your shed. Some have additional storage built into the shed, while others do not. For those that do not have built in storage options you will need to add your own shelving. While you usually can attach light weight shelving directly to the support beams it is usually not recommended to do so if you plan on storing heavy items on the shelves.  Some sheds have built in flooring, while others do not. Some sheds have a foundation kit, but you need to purchase your own flooring.

Where To Place Your Shed

Your garden shed will need to be placed on a flat surface; this can be a level piece of ground or a slab of concrete. Once assembled you may want to build a foundation using 2 by 4 timber and then lay down some plywood flooring on top of the 2 x 4’s. It is not usually recommended that you place the shed directly on grass or dirt, though you can get away with placing it directly on concrete without having to build a foundation and flooring.

Assembling the Shed

As mentioned above, most sheds are made with the average homeowner in mind and as such they are relatively easy to assemble. The smaller sized sheds could probably be easily assembled by one person in a few hours. If you need to lay down a foundation and build a plywood floor, or if the shed is larger or includes several windows and doors you may find it easier to assemble it with a 2 person team.

How Much Does It Cost To Buy Sheds?

The main things determining the cost of the shed will be the material it is made from and its size and accessories. You will be hard pressed to find anything much under $500, even for a smaller shed, and the price will increase as the area of the shed increases. The more windows you purchase for your shed, the more expensive it will become. If you intend  on extending the shed, or buying a pre-made foundation you will also usually need to add on extra.

While they may be somewhat expensive, it is amazing how much order a shed can bring to a garden and home. You will not find your garage or basement cluttered with items anymore, gardening tools and hoses can be easily accessed and with a little foresight and planning your shed can add to the overall appearance of your garden. Carefully placed potted plants around the exterior, for example, can give your shed a country appeal and will help it blend into your already existing garden.

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