Proper Ground Covering for a Wood Swing Set

Now that you have decided to put a wood swing set in the lawn for the kids, what’s next? There are a great many different companies that both sell and install wood swing sets and there are some truly great ones out there to look at. Costs range from relatively inexpensive to really expensive so look around. They have seriously evolved from the tubular swing sets from long ago.

Once you have picked the outdoor wood swing set you want for the kids, you have to decide what kind of ground cover to use. You can use the grass in the yard, but that is not advisable. Grass will not hold up to traffic, and it will get plenty. Also the ground will compact to make for some hard falls. Then of course you have maintenance of the lawn and mowing around wood swing sets is not easy.

Another option would be pine straw. The problem with pine straw is that it biodegrades rather quickly and it is as hard as the soil as well. Plus it will track everywhere and make for an unsightly cover within a very short period of time.

Photo By: Micheal Hickerson

Your next choice could be sand, pea gravel or wood chips. All of these have good and bad reasons to use or not to use, but they as a rule will not remain in the area you want them in for long. Sand gets kicked, carried, and knocked out of the area you want it in easily. Pea gravel and wood chips both are also hard when landed on and will be removed by various means constantly. (Usually your children and their friends…)

That would then narrow your choice down to a rubber playground cover. If it is installed over 4” deep it will pass a 6’ safety drop test. That is comforting in that this test is to make certain your child doesn’t get seriously hurt in a fall of 6’ into the rubber playground cover. It also comes in solid or mixed colors. It can enhance your backyard wood wooden playsets appearance and it doesn’t blow or float away.

So if you are looking into a new wood swing set for your backyard, think about where you will put it and what kind of ground cover you want while you are at it.

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