Information on Renting Stump Grinders

Choosing the right type of log splitter or stump grinder for the specific job that you will do will give you best value if rented  from a log splitter rentals or stump grinder rentals. Before renting  log splitter rentals or stump grinder rentals you should first consider few renting tips.

Below are the tips that you should consider:

1.      Power Source

Before renting a log splitter or a stump grinder you should first think of want specific job you will do, where you will do it and how much wood you need to cut. There are several types of power source that you can choose such as electric, gas or a tractor’s hydraulic system. If you will be away from electric outlet or generators you should not rent an electric one instead rent a gas-powered log splitter as that way you will be able to easily use it no matter where your location.

2.      Way of Splitting the Wood

There are two ways when it comes to cutting a wood: vertical and horizontal. A horizontal machine requires the log to be put onto the machine while a vertical one will cut the standing wood without the need to load it.

3.      Price

Prices range depending on your location and the size of log splitter or stump grinder that you will use. For half-day the average cost is around $40-$50, for a full-day $65-75, for 1-week $175-$200, and for 4-weeks $500-$575. Of course, if you will be regularly using it over the course of a year or so you may want to think about investing in buying one rather than renting. For infrequent use, however, renting is usually recommended.

4.      Space

Determining the space that you have is another factor that you should consider. If you have a large space you can rent big machines but if you have a small area to work on, you should choose to rent a small one. Do make sure, however, that it is large and powerful enough to do what you need it to.

5.      Power

If you will be working on small logs you can choose a power of 4-10 tons but for large commercial jobs use onw with a power rating of 25 tons.

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