Holland Companion Portable Gas Grill

Holland makes gas grills that operate a little differently that most of your conventional outdoors gas grills. Their design of their portable and home units makes use of indirect heat instead of direct heat applied from under the food item like most. These among other innovations make the Holland companion portable gas grill one of the most sought after models made.

As mentioned before the Holland Company has a design on their grills that reflects the heat from the heat source up and around the food item. The cooking comes from conduction and natural convection created from the air flow through the grill. There is a pan in the center of the unit that catches juices preventing any flare-ups.

Cooking on a Holland grill is a little different as it does not cook well with the lid open like cooking over an open flame does. The design is such that the unit has to have the lid closed to be able to create the conduction needed to cook items. If you are a griller that has to constantly turn and fiddle with the food on the grill then you need a portable charcoal barbecue grill. If however, you would rather spend time with your guests than tending to the grill then you should definitely take a look at the Holland Companion.

Photo By: Liz West

The Holland companion portable gas grill is well constructed from stainless, is portable and light for how it is constructed weighing in at 21 pounds. The downside of the Holland is the learning curve that will be associated with the new type of cooking you will be doing. You will not get the grill marks on your steaks as you do when cooking over an open flame due to the indirect heating. Finally the price may be a consideration as the Holland Companion costs around 250 US dollars.

The Holland Grill company makes about the best gas grills around and the Companion is definitely one of the best portable gas grills around . The way they grill takes a little getting used to but well worth the effort and the extra money you will put in. A product that will provide many a good meal for years to come the Holland Companion portable gas grill should be tops on anyone’s list that is in the market for a portable grill. The Holland Companion comes in an electric model as well.

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