Get Rid Of Cloudy Pool Water With These Tips

The cloudiness in pool water is caused by millions of tiny suspended particles. These range from skin cells, algae spores, dissolved minerals, dust, leaf debris, bird droppings and other contaminants. Most pool owners have to deal with murky looking water and the good news is that there are many methods available to tackle the problem.

Ensure your filtration system is working property and that filters are clean and clear of debris. Read the manufactures maintenance instructions carefully as cloudy water may be a sign that you need to clean or replace the filters.

Photo by: Lee Coursey

Add a pool shock treatment to the pool to break up any chloramines or combined chlorine components in the water. Chloramines are the compounds that cause eye irritation among swimmers and an unpleasant odor that overhangs the pool water. You can choose between liquid and powders shock and between chlorine based and chlorine free products. Never add swimming pool shock treatment if the pool is being used and only allow swimmers back into the pool once the pool chemistry has returned to safe levels. The shock treatment should also help get rid of algal contamination but you can also add a dose of algaecide to make doubly sure.

Add a dose of clarifier to help clump together some of the suspended micro-particles. Once they have coagulated into larger particles, they should be able to be trapped by your filters and removed from the water.

Test the pool water for levels of total dissolved solids such as calcium and other minerals. If you readings are far out of recommended levels you may need to replace the pool water or use a water softener.

The pH levels can have an effect on pool clarity, especially if they are high. The recommended pH range is between 7.2 and 7.8. If you need to adjust the pH you can do this with pH plus and pH minus chemicals, both of which are widely available.

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