Garden Decoration – Screening Your Garden

Some people don’t like their gardens to be visible outside their homes, and the problem of being overlooked can be eased by using overhead screening: horizontal beams set on upright to support planting can be a good idea as well as attractive garden decoration. The direction in which the beams run and their spacing is determined by the position of the overlooking building. Forming a grid pattern is one interesting way of going about it; this could be done when the patio or garden can be overlooked on at least two sides. In principle, when viewed obliquely from above, the beams would obscure any view of the area beneath, but anyone underneath can look up and see the sky if the planting is not too dense. This sort of screen can be installed anywhere in your garden.

Few gardens would not benefit from the addition of a little mystery. A plant trellis or a mirror can add a touch of magic to any corner, and bearing in mind that adding focal points to a garden is important because many gardeners who can see their entire plot at one glance run the risk of becoming bored with it sooner rather later. But sometimes these types of garden decorations are not enough, as it seems that the smaller the space, the greater the need for some hidden corner. Where all the space is at a premium, a separate hidden area may not be feasible but it can still be suggested. Under these circumstances, screening makes a positive contribution to the design, whereas screening introduced to remove unwanted or distracting objects from sight is more a means of returning emphasis to the garden.

Unattractive features may lie inside as well as outside the garden. Compost bins fall into this category, as do dustbins and garden sheds. Whatever the unwelcome object, take care not to draw attention to it inadvertently by using the wrong type of screening. The screen should visually break up the lines of form of the offending object, making one wonder what lies behind rather than being a feature in its own right.

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