Increase Your Energy Efficiency with Residential Awnings

One of the many benefits of residential awnings is how they can help to reduce the load on your air conditioner during the sweltering summer afternoons. Getting the most out of this effect requires some foresight and planning though, and so when adding awnings for home windows, doors, and decks, you should bear in mind the potential benefits and drawbacks of different sorts of placements.

Examining your yard and how shadows are cast by other structures and any trees you have growing can help you determine the best placements for your residential awnings. Also, other features of your yard like a gazebo canopy can help provide areas of protection from the sun and other elements, and so may reduce the need for awnings attached to the house which are being used to shade decks or patios. A large tree which shades your home on one side can mean that it would be better to locate your new awning on another face of the house to maximize the benefit that you get from it.

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Taking this a step further, you can plan out your landscaping to better interact with a new awning. Trees can take quite a lot of time to grow large enough to adequately shade your home, so in the meantime you can use an awning for that purpose. Then once the trees have matured to the point where they can handle it on their own, you may find that the awning is better placed elsewhere.

It isn’t just energy efficiency that can benefit from residential awnings though. During rain storms you can help to keep moisture from your windows and doors. This serves as a second layer of protection after the caulking around those potential entry points. Doing so will help to reduce the risk of mildews and molds forming in and around your windows and doors.

Of course there’s the benefit to you and your family as well. Larger awnings can help create comfortable outdoor living areas which can allow you to spend more time out enjoying your yard. This can passively affect energy use as well though, as when you’re outdoors you aren’t inside using energy hogging appliances.

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