Working Storage into Small Living Spaces

A new trend is working its way into the lives of people in their late 20s and early 30s. More and more, they are avoiding the suburbs that their parents chose to live in and instead choosing to live in major cities across America. It turns out that they are valuing restaurants within walking distance, beautiful city parks, and public transportation that they can take to work more than they do large homes and acreage.

This is a wonderful trend, but it also means that these people have much less space to work with in their living spaces. An apartment inside the city is going to be many times smaller than a home in the suburbs, and so the issue of storage space is coming up. They need to get more creative to find the same space their parents had to work with. The days of just buying a big batch of plastic storage bins is over.

Photo By: Craige Moore

Thankfully, this is easier said than done. Our parents have already given us some hints, such as a hutch in the dining room that is both beautiful and also a convenient place to keep extra silverware, table cloths, and table ornamentations underneath in the cabinets. It also adds elegance to the room that wasn’t there before, making it a piece of furniture with twice the use.

Or another option is to buy furniture that is able to accommodate storage containers. Think of a footrest that can open up and reveal a hidden storage compartment inside, or a couch that has enough room underneath to slide some wide containers underneath. They are perfectly hidden and serve to keep the room looking minimal and clear.

By thinking creatively about how to make storage space in your home, you can find a lot more room than you may expect. Don’t get lazy, and great things will happen.

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  • Larry
    February 14, 2011 - 6:08 pm | Permalink

    Instead use a trunk or an ottoman that can double as storage space additional seating or a table. Do the same for side or end tables. Not only will it provide a lovely design element to your room but it will also give you a lot of storage space that is discreet but accessible…

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