Wicker Baskets Provide Storage Where You Never Thought Possible

When looking for the perfect storage solution to deal with clutter and a general feeling of disorganization, you may do well by getting a few wicker baskets. Wicker baskets are great for creating a sense of order and tidiness, without costing too much or significantly altering the layout of any room. Wicker baskets can be tucked away into a corner, onto a shelf, or under a table. If you get a large wicker basket with a lid, it can add a decorative function to your room, and not need to have a specific place to go. Large wicker storage baskets can sit openly in any room, placed up against the wall, behind or beside a couch, or at the end of the bed.

Photo By: Glen Edelson

With a large basket, you can create a lot more storage in an area that you felt had no more space for all your items. You can store blankets, pillows, towels, your winter clothes, your summer clothes, or even just use your wicker basket to store other smaller boxes of items which are looking for a more convenient location to be stored. You may find this will free up some shelf space for other items that are more appropriately stored on shelves.

It is also possible to keep small wicker baskets on shelves or even on a 3 or 5 shelf bookcase for example. This creates somewhat of an open faced drawer idea, where you have a nice clean look, however you can pull out your wicker basket and have a bunch of miscellaneous items inside that wouldn’t otherwise all be able to sit nicely on shelves – especially if you want to maintain a look of organization. This works great for children’s toys – which you may have a lot of and no easy way to clean them up quickly. This is especially convenient since you won’t want to spend too much time putting them away when you know very shortly after they get put away, somehow they will be out on the floor again.

Wicker baskets are ideal for storage, especially when you have items which aren’t well suiting to sitting on shelves, or items which you want quick access to.

Of course, you can also use wicker baskets for all types of different things, aside from organizing and storage. If you prefer you can always use wicker baskets for hanging pot plants, they will go great with any wicker furniture you  have or wicker storage baskets. Here is a great wicker basket and plant that you can find at Home Depot; they have quite a good selection available.

32 in. Bamboo Palm Silk Plant with Wicker Basket 32 in. Bamboo Palm Silk Plant with Wicker Basket

The Nearly Natural 32 in. Bamboo Palm Silk Plant with Wicker Basket is designed to bring a touch of summer to home interiors. Ideal for use at home and in the office, the palm features wispy leaves that are crafted with silk and do not require maintenance. It comes with a wicker basket that allows for an elegant, cultured look.

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