Remodel Your Closet In 3 Easy Steps

If you are about to take on the project of cleaning and organizing your closet, taking a few steps first can save you time and money.

A cluttered closet usually is filled with clothing, shoes, and whatever accessories will fit in it. The function of a closet is to store items that we need every day.  Closet organization systems are versatile, fit most any size closet, and can be customized to your needs.  It is human nature when we are in a hurry to throw stuff in the closet making it difficult to find it again. Closets get filled quickly when there is no organization and can become cluttered and chaotic. There is a lot more room for storage in an organized closet.

Photo By: Jennifer Jane

Imagine looking into your closet and seeing your clothes neatly hung on rods, sweaters folded and stored on shelving, shoes in pairs by color or season in a  shoe storage rack, and accessories like ties on a tie rack and belts on a belt rack.    When you need something, it will be in its place and ready to wear or use.

Step One

Take good measurements of the inside of your closet.  You will want to determine whether you need more room to hang clothes or would more shelves work better for you.  Develop a plan and decide exactly what you need.

Step Two

Consider whether or not to build your own organizer.  If you are creative, this may be the best alternative for you.  Of course there are systems in home improvement stores or online made of wood, plastic and metal that are well made and ready to install.

Step Three

If cost is an issue, spend time researching what is available.  You should be able to find what you need to fit any budget.  Planning ahead how much you want to spend is always a good idea.

You can customize your closet to fit your needs.  Once you have an organized, clean closet you will never want to live with closet clutter again.

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