From Housekeeper to Business Owner

maidcleaning_02You are known in your neighborhood as being very house proud and you have the immaculate house and well tendered lawn to show for it.  The reason why you can keep such a tidy house is because you have a lot of spare time on your hands and because you enjoy doing it.  Therefore, have you ever thought about doing it as a business?  Perhaps housekeeping and household organization is your calling.

In order to find out whether a house cleaning business is worth your time to pursue, you will first have to get a gauge on how much it is paid.  You can do this easily by phoning your potential competitors for a price quote.  Get their estimate on how much they charge per room (dimensions) and how much they charge per hour.  Do they have special discounts for biweekly customers, monthly customers?

Once you get an idea of how much you can charge, you can practice on your family and friends at a reduced price.  True, you don’t really need practice house cleaning, you’ve been doing that well on your own, but this time you’re doing it for others.  Do you meet their cleaning expectations?  Are you fast enough for the job?  Can you handle the physical demands of multiple clients?

If you answer yes to these questions, then it is time to create a house cleaning business plan.  Even though you’re likely starting this venture on your own, you still have to calculate start-up costs.  They will be fairly minimal like buying cleaning items and perhaps some advertising from the local papers.  However, the best form of house cleaning advertising is through word of mouth.  Get your friends and family members who were happy with your house cleaning to talk you up amongst potential clients.  Let them know you’re looking for house cleaning work.

If you were house proud before, you’ll be doubly proud of the services and business you’ve created due to your house cleaning prowess.

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