Preparing Yourself to Buy Land

America is a country of wealth and property, and there is a remarkable amount of untouched land in the country that is just waiting for someone to develop and enjoy. Many of us have the means to do so, but not a lot of us are overly familiar with the process of choosing a property, and ensuring that we can actually do what we want with it. There are owners out there that may be less honest with you than you think, and you need to protect yourself. Here are a couple tips on how to do so.

First, you need to ensure that you’re familiar with the actual terminology used with acreage. Here’s a question for you: what is an acre? It’s a two dimensional measurement, length times width, which means just knowing acreage isn’t going to tell you enough about the property. Is is a perfect square? Is it long and thin? You need to get dimensions, and ideally you want to see it in person, before committing to anything.

Photo By: Eamon Curry

Also, be wary about any free or cheap land that you may be offered. If a piece of property seems too good to be true, than it likely is. A notorious example is the number of people who have tried to invest in retirement property in Florida, only to find that the land the owner said was ‘rumored’ to be developed in the future won’t be. Or you buy it and later find that due to environmental laws, the piece of property you bought is protected and therefore illegal to work on. You must make sure you do as much research as you can before you decide to purchase anything.

Once you have familiarized yourself with the industry, you can be more confident about the purchases you make. You’ll then be able to get what you’re looking for, and use it however you plan. Good luck!

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