Buying A Modular Home

modular-homeA modular home is warehouse-assembled parts that are brought to a site and connected to create a permanent house. You may have seen these parts on the highway, strapped to the trailer bed of a semi on their way to a construction site.

Often times there is a misconception that modular homes are of lesser quality or not carefully constructed. But it is a fact that few traditional homes built entirely on site would be capable of withstanding a trip down the highway at sixty-five miles an hour.

Just as often, modular homes are confused for trailer homes. Whereas the trailer homes are built on steel chassis not intended to be removed but can appear the same as modulars when traveling.

Today’s modular homes can be built faster and are less expensive using the same quality materials as conventional homes. Part of what makes them cheaper is that 90 percent of the finished product is constructed in the warehouse, cutting out the possibility of rain delays or inclement weather conditions disturbing the production schedule. Additionally they follow the same building codes at both state and local levels. There are downsides of course. Because of the pre-manufactured molds, the ability to customize pieces is limited and in most cases unfeasible. The required transportation also limits the ability for scaling, impeding size from unmanageable proportions.

If you are considering buying modular homes or need trailer home advice on differences or exceptions between these and trailer homes or conventional homes, contact any building contractor in your area, but be aware of their biases. A contractor will often be connected through some commission agreement to promote a certain type of home or construction. If at all possible visit a factory these modulars are being built. The factory will most certainly allow you to observe the quality work going into the product and give you the best perspective possible; your own eyes.

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