Best Montana Log Homes

When you say “log homes” sometimes the thoughts are of a simple cabin set by the edge of a quiet mountain lake. Thomas Kinkade does a great job of painting scenes so real that you feel you could step right into them. His detail is outstanding. And so with Montana log homes, their detail should be so carefully attended to that people notice the difference.

One Douglas Fir log home built in Gallatin County, Montana looks really nice, but the closer you examine the logs the more you realize something is not right. Each of the rose colored logs has rings that go around it. This shows that the manufacturer of the logs did not have sharp laves in the log processor when the log was being milled. The uniform diameter was achieved but each log was marred by the “chatter” that is visible on each log. This is a sign of less that top quality logs.

Another handcrafted log home is also in a great setting. This log home is also of Douglas Fir, but it has the distinctive marks of being a hand crafted log home. What makes it easy to tell if a log home is a handcrafted instead of milled? The diameters and length of the logs are dead giveaways. Also the hand peeled surfaces are unique to the handcrafts. When a home is looked at even from a distance the logs are very distinctly wider at one end and narrower at the other end. The hand peeled look leaves much more of the original blemishes on the log. It also produces the tell tale small flat surfaces that only a draw knife can produce.

When looking for top quality in a Montana log home be sure to view as many photos of home as you can from a supplier. Log homes are many, but taking the time to research, talk to the representative, and look at their model home. Finding someone who is enthusiastic about log homes and also very knowledgeable is a great combination.

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