Types of Solar Lights and Brightness Levels

There are many benefits to choosing solar lights over conventional lighting solutions. Some are obvious such as the free electricity due to the self generating design of the unit with solar panels and a battery pack. It also saves you from having to dig up the yard to run lines and without wires there is no risk of damage to your wires. Now with brighter and more energy efficient lamps among other improvements in other components there is now such a range of types of solar powered garden lights that there is something for every need.

Accent solar lighting is the cheapest of the various types of lights because of the low quality requirements. They provide a soft gentle glow all night long that is used to complement the décor of outside living spaces such as a patio or yard. The lights use such little energy that it can usually stay light for two nights on a single day’s charge. This is unlike the other types of solar lights which require higher brightness levels and thus will go require a lot more battery charge.

Pathway lights are important for the safety of people using the outdoor space. It can guide people through a walkway, through steps or guide vehicles along a driveway. This type of solar lighting fixture requires more brightness and thus will use more electricity. It is important to position these units in a place where it can get a sufficient charge during the day.

Tasks lights or spot lights use more energy to cast a focused beam of bright light at an object or other focus point. Think about a flag at night with a spot light pointing upward from the ground to get an idea of functional uses for solar spot lights. For more information about solar spot light, accent lights or pathway light visit Solar Lights Design where you will also find details about specialty function solar lights such as security and shed lights.

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