How durable is your retaining wall?

Do you already have a retaining wall on your property? Is it starting to show its age or even falling apart? How long do you expect it to continue doing its job? If it is time to upgrade your old retaining wall, contact Verti-Crete for the best concrete mold retaining walls on the market.

When you order a precast concrete retaining wall through Verti-Crete you can expect to find representatives who are willing to work you, and find out exactly what your property needs and what you want. Designed to stand up to harsh weather, heavy traffic, and wear and tear your new wall is going to look great for many years to come. With solid concrete panels, steel reinforcements and footings, you can be confident that this retaining wall will be more durable and do its job longer than a retaining wall built out of any other materials. They even offer UV fade-resistant concrete stains to make your concrete retaining wall appear to be made of stones and become a beautiful part of your landscaping.

Photo By: Grendelkhan

Verti-Crete designs retaining walls to meet your specifications. Their molds can produce as many precast panels as your project requires. Depending on your project, the panels may be poured into forms at a production facility and brought to the project site, or the forms may be brought to your location and they cast the panels right there. Each 8-foot panel can hold back up to 8 feet of earth. The panels are designed to join with one another giving you a seamless, complete retaining wall. Clients can also choose to add graphics or logos to their customized concrete mold. You can even select natural stone-looking concrete retaining walls!

No matter your project, Verti-Crete’s concrete mold retaining walls will be an investment you are pleased with for many years to come.

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