Travertine Marble Flooring

Marble flooring is a popular floor style for many reasons. It is durable and holds up well to repeated use and it is relatively easy to clean, with no real special instructions aside from not using extremely abrasive materials. One of the most popular types of marble tile flooring is travertine marble, because it offers a look that fits in perfectly with a Mediterranean style.

Travertine marble is more durable than other marble because it is laid in tiles that are usually smaller than your average marble flooring, meaning there is less stress placed on the tiles as they are used. The grout that is used is also special, since the sedimentary rock that travertine is cut from requires a special bond to be held together.

Because of these requirements, travertine marble tile flooring can be a bit more expensive than traditional tile flooring, but for those looking for a Mediterranean look, there is nothing better, since this style of flooring has been featured in homes since the Roman times.

Travertine flooring is very expensive, with a 4 in. X 4 in. square usually costing around $10. This leads to each tile that is placed on the floor costing nearly $50-$60 to place, so it is not a flooring option that is going to be cheap. Travertine generally has a faded beige look, though it can appear almost white in the right conditions. Because the tiles do not all look the same, you get a special combination of flooring that stands the test of time while providing your home with the beauty you have always wanted.

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