The Neutral Color Benefits of Hotel Bedding

hotel beddingOne of the break out bedding styles of the year is hotel bedding.  It has taken the retail market by storm and can now be found in many homes across the country.  The style is simple and sleek but it is the neutral color effect that offers the greatest benefit for the bedroom decor.

Upon first hearing of “hotel bedding” many of us did not realize that it is a style that takes the best of design and style from the top of the line, five star hotels around the world.  In fact, many of us dismissed the idea only thinking that hotel bedding had to be rather dull and boring, simple and without real style.  For those of us who first doubted the style, we received a very welcomed surprise.

No one can dispute the simplicity of the design.  The hotel bedding design works well in almost every bedroom setting, from the antique filled room to the modern and contemporary decor.  The linear blocked pattern is so simple that it is left to the color scheme to define the decor.

For those who have bedrooms filled with Queen Anne styling, a simple monochromatic hotel bedding color scheme can easily replace the heavier floral patterns and fabrics of winter.  For spring there is nothing more welcoming than 100% cotton, often Egyptian cotton, with a sleek sateen finish.

For those who enjoy a more modern decor, the monochromatic schemes work fine.  However, the two color hotel bedding color scheme can add a bold statement to any bedroom.  Whether the choice is black on white or chocolate on blue, the choices are almost unlimited.

Whether selecting the more subtle color scheme or the bolder statement of colors, the combination always creates a very neutral setting that begs for another brilliant accent color and perhaps another pattern to mingle with the simplicity of the hotel bedding.

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