The Different Types of Bed Frames

Different types of bed frames may be classified according to the material that is used for them as well as their construction. The two aspects are related since the type of material used will need to be considered when designing the bed and determining how the parts are to be fixed to each other.


Traditionally, the first makers of bed frames and present-day manufacturers made bed frames out of metal, wood or some combination of both. The possibilities of design are nearly the same for both types of materials; both metal and wooden frames can have fixed legs or wheels under them. Today modern manufacturers experiment with other varieties of bed frames, such as plastic and leather bed frames.

Both may be simply be frames with a detachable inner frame of solid board. Alternatively, a mesh made of plastic, metal or rattan strips may be built into the inner frame. These may also have posts or pillars on the corners and an additional frame on the posts and above the bed itself for hanging canopies or mosquito nets. This type of bed is referred to as canopy beds or four poster bed frames.

The only practical difference between the two is of course the fact that metal is much more durable and more often, much cheaper to procure. The trade-off is that metal is not as easy as wood to beautify and will be much more difficult to move around.

Some modern types of bed frames are made of very durable polyester material. These types of beds are appropriate for a room with modern décor. They are lighter than the same size of wooden or metal bed and are much easier to maintain and clean. The only setback they have is being less durable than either of the other two.

Construction of bed frames

As already noted, bed frames may be skeletons. A detachable board or sturdy mesh of rattan, plastic or metal strips attached to an inner frame is used to support the mattresses and bedding. This is placed atop the framework of the bed.

Alternatively, the mattress board may be fixed on to the bed itself like a platform. Optionally, and if the bed is high enough, several long drawers may be built into the sides of the bed. These types of beds may be used for storing clothes, bedding and pillows.

Another common variation is a frame containing a smaller bed underneath it. Instead of storage compartments, an additional mattress board and frame is built under the main bed. This second frame can be pulled out and pushed back in like a drawer and is especially handy for accommodating sleep-over guests.

Air beds and water beds often have frames too. However, in many cases, people prefer not to box these up since that will be an inconvenience when they have to refill the bed with air or water.

You should ensure that the bed frame you choose fits with the rest of the bedroom decor. Try to design a bedroom that promotes peace and relaxation and you will be well on your way to a good nights rest!

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