The Always Versatile Pine Wardrobe

pine wardrobeIn terms of a highly useful piece of furniture, it is really difficult to out-do a pine wardrobe. That has got to be the reason why it can be quite popular by countless numbers of consumers seeking to create a certain amount of additional storage to their abode. The wardrobe might be utilized for many different uses and any time it’s manufactured from pine, you have a further benefit of its natural elegance in addition to its quite economical selling price too. In comparison with various other sorts of wood which can be employed in the construction of pieces of furniture, especially the hard woods such as a beech wardrobe, pine will cost less but still have a exceptionally pleasing look no matter whether you leave it in its raw condition or if you are going to include some sort of wood stain or color to it.

Having said that, like numerous factors, there are a few pros along with down sides to a pine wardrobe. Let’s check out some of these, to help you decide.


Pine isn’t as heavy as some other kinds of wood. This will turn out to be an apparent benefit when it becomes time for you to move a new wardrobe in the home and also move it from one room to a different one. Many of the bigger hard wood wardrobes crafted from such things as cherry or oak might just be real struggle to try and relocate.

Pine easily accepts wood oils along with wood stains and even paint. This suggests it’s simple enough for anyone to really customize their new wardrobe to precisely fit their bedroom décor. Everything from a lighter stain to some deep, rich stain or perhaps fun brightly colored paint, could fit.

The majority of pine comes from replenishable forests, therefore you know you’re not contributing to deforestation as is the case with the majority of the exotic hard woods. It feels good to make a ‘green’ choice.


Pine can be described as soft wood. So it is very easily dinged and scuffed. While it will weigh much less which makes it much easier to move, you will definitely need to be extra watchful not to damage it. Furthermore, you’ll want to limit the weight of the actual items which you store inside it.

Pick:  This isn’t really a bad issue except if you have a problem making a decision. There are so many different styles of pine wardrobes available that you might have a difficult time deciding on the correct one for you.

When you lay out every little thing side by side, in my own individual judgment a pine wardrobe possesses more benefits than problems. The price is right, the charm is hard to dispute and the all-aroundness that’s what a wardrobe is all about helps it be rather tough to go wrong. If you take care of your new pine furniture, you’ll no doubt end up being delighted with your final decision to purchase one, regardless of whether you obtain a used or new pine wardrobe.

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