Shower Wet Rooms Are Bathrooms, Only Better

Shower wet rooms are more than bathrooms. They are personal retreats filled with luxury and pampering personal accessories.

The main features of all of these watertight bathing areas are all very similar. The entire room is sealed, so that water can flow freely without any fear of leaks. Tiling covers the floor, ceiling, and almost all of the walls. Sometimes the materials used include fiberglass or other synthetic materials. Either way, all the surfaces are waterproof, tightly sealed, and completely smooth. In general, the overall look is clean and sleek. No wall decorations or wooden cabinets are necessary in this décor.

These new designs rarely include old-fashioned shower curtains or full-length shower doors. Instead, wet room shower screens are used. Since the entire bathing space is sealed carefully, there really is no need for a curtain or door. The only thing that is necessary is a way to stop water from creating a safety hazard or inconvenience. Screens are entirely different from the traditional materials used to block the excess spray that happens in any bathing area. They create a smooth, clear, transparent effect that is decorative and functional. In effect, since the entire place is already private, there is no need for additional privacy to be created inside.

Most homeowners who appreciate the latest and newest trends really enjoy the luxury of these innovative creations. Outdated styles like small faucets are replaced with waterfall fixtures, body spray jets, and sleek contemporary designs. The benefits of having an elegant bathing area are immediately apparent. In a master suite, this private location enhances the overall effect of elegance. Urban adaptations that fit in smaller spaces retain the same feeling, but take up less square footage than standard bath areas. Several of the most recent styles make the bathroom look like a Swedish sauna or European hideaway.

An updated watertight bathing room with a shower screen far outshines the old bathtub-and-shower curtain designs of the past.

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