Shopping for Drum Shades on a Budget

drum-shade-pendantWhen you are looking for stylish new lampshades for your modern home and have a strict budget to keep to, there is one type of lamp shade that is sure to provide a solution. Drum shades are usually available quite cheaply in discount stores and you will probably be able to find them in a number of different sizes and colors to suit your requirements. Drum lamp shades are often cheaper than other shades because they are so simple to manufacture. (A cylindrical drum shape is easier to make than other shapes such as a pagoda).

If you are not quite satisfied with the plain shades you find in the discount stores there are a few other places you can look for low cost shades.

1. Sales

You will often find lamp shades are discounted at sale time by big department stores and you can make a big saving especially if you are looking for more than one shade.

2. Ends of Lines

You can get good deals even in designer stores if you choose lamp shades that are about to be discontinued. There is no harm in buying these if you are not planning on getting a whole set of coordinated items.

3. Auction Sites

You can get some good prices for lamp shades on places like eBay where vendors offer items just a little cheaper than in regular stores. Do take care that the vendor has a good reputation and that the shipping costs are reasonable (meaning that they don’t turn a good deal into an expensive purchase).

4. Online Lighting Stores

The online lighting stores sell a range of items from very cheap to very expensive but they usually compare favorably at each level with full priced merchandise from local stores so it is well worth looking to see if you can get exactly what you want. Sometimes you can get something just a little bit unusual online which you cannot get locally and that in itself can make shopping online worthwhile.

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