Magnets Can Give You Extra Kitchen Storage Space

kitchen magnetsWhen it comes to storage space in a small kitchen, there is one mistake that people make over and over again that prevents them from making the most of their limited space. Unless they are planning some sort of small kitchen remodeling, they fail to see every corner, every surface, even vertical ones, as potential storage space. If you take full advantage of what were previously considered nothing more than space to hang wallpaper and decorations, you will find that you have vastly more storage room than you thought possible. When it comes to making full use of your walls, there are quite a few different ways of doing it. The secret lies in an invisible force that is all around us, but seldom thought about.

Using the power of magnets, you can turn any spot of wall space into an instant spice rack. You can buy magnetic strips from any hardware store, as well as small tins. You can glue the magnetic strip to the wall and store your spices in those small tins, which stick quite well to your magnetic strip.

You could even use a similar technique to store your kitchen knives and free up a bit of counter space by eliminating the need for the knife block. Just put up a magnetic strip and stick your knives to it. Not only will it free up that counter space, but it also keeps your knives sharper longer by not having the edges resting against the block when they are not in use.

As you can see, there are quite a few different ways that you can take your small kitchen that you once thought would never store much of anything and turn it into a near-warehouse of ingredients and culinary tools using little more than the power of magnets. You don’t even need remodel a small kitchen in order to add additional storage options and make working in your small kitchen that much easier and more fulfilling.

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