Loft Ladders

Do you use a stepladder that is too short to climb into your loft? Do you have to ask someone to hold the ladder for you? It is time you invested in a proper loft ladder, a built in one that is easy to pull down. A loft ladder is far safer and superior to a stepladder for attic access.

It is a simple job to fit a new, hinged loft hatch, than to fit a new aluminium or timber loft ladder inside your hatch and attached to the hatch frame. If you are not happy climbing ladders then look for one that is more rigid than the standard loft ladders.

Photo By: Janet Morrel

A heavy duty loft ladder is ideal if you are either nervous on ladders or if you expect to be using it a lot. It is stronger and more rigid, so you feel safer on it. Look for optional extras like a hand rail, too. Choose a timber ladder for maximum stiffness and the minimum of flexibility.

A company specializing in loft access can install a new loft ladder and hatch in a morning, so the cost is more reasonable than you might expect. Ask the your loft ladder installation company about motorized options to make raising and lowering your new loft ladder child’s play, especially with a remote control.

The first decision you need to consider is the style of your loft ladder. You need to choose the style of your loft ladder, then its material. Telescopic and concertina loft ladders are only available in aluminium and steel. Folding and sliding ladders are supplied in timber or aluminium. The neatest loft ladder solution has to be the Telesteps loft ladder. It zips away like a telescope and takes up hardly any space at all, sitting inside the hatch frame above your hinged loft hatch cover.

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