Leather Furniture- A Smart Home Decor Investment

leather furnitureNatural leather is a warm and inviting material with truly unique characteristics. When you are choosing a new sofa you might want to consider investing in leather. It may be a little more expensive than conventional fabric upholstery but if properly cared for it can last a lifetime, becoming more beautiful with age and use.

With a piece of furniture that will last you so long, the quality is the foremost factor you need to consider when making your choice. There are cheap leather sofas available but these are not likely to have the durability and character of a well designed and made example. Look for leather that has been tanned with water based dyes and finished with natural substances such as beeswax that allows the natural markings and shade variations to show off the leather’s best characteristics.

If you don’t want to wait for your new leather furniture to age and acquire the lovely lived in look, you can even buy furniture that has already been “antiqued”. Or you could buy genuine antique pieces although good antique leather furniture is likely to cost more than buying new.

One important consideration is the color. Think about the future rather than buying a leather sofa that suits your home decor now. You may want to change your decoration style in a few years or even move home and your sofa will still be with you. So even if you love red or green at the moment, it would be better to choose a more neutral color that will go with any home decor scheme you might like to choose in years to come. A tan, golden brown or smoky colored leather will tone with almost any color room and you can always pile on the pillows or a throw in a accent color to fit in with your theme.

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