Interior Design Guide to Orange Wallpaper

orange wall paperOrange wallpaper is a very daring look. It allows you to bring in a lot of color without a lot of effort. It can be a lot more subtle and toned down then just painting the walls orange. It also let you bring in patterns with different interior design colors. This can work with all different design styles. If done incorrectly it can kind of seem like a nightmare and you may hate your whole decorating adventure. Here are a few tips for decorating with orange wallpaper successfully.

One thing you really want to keep in mind is that there really isn’t any hiding. This is a very daring look and it’s going to get noticed. As such you want to show it off. You should go with an orange that is very common in design. You can modernize a retro room just by going with more updated furniture. For instance, you could pull out the white from the wallpaper and use it on the couch. A white couch will seem crisp and fresh without taking the focus away from you treatment.

Make it elegant. You might be in the mood to change how people think about the color orange. If you go for a pumpkin color then it can really change how people view it. You can even find a damask print that would look quite worn and rich at the same time. You can go for an old world library feel by bringing in rich leather chairs and mahogany end tables. You could then paint most of the walls in a neutral color and just use the paper on the focal wall. This is also a great treatment if you don’t have a headboard. You could make your entire wall into a headboard display by using the paper. This is also a great solution if you don’t have a lot of architectural detail because it really takes the focus in your interior design.

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