How To Measure Your House For Wooden Vertical Blinds

Wooden vertical blinds are called thus because their slats run horizontally. Unlike regular wooden window blinds, vertical blinds made from wood are usually used as a room divider rather than shades for your windows.

Wooden blinds provide a great backdrop and feel for your house. They come in a huge range of colors, so it’s easy to match the rest of your decor. This is why they are terrific as room dividers, when drawn they look like a regular wooden wall unlike tacky vinyl blinds.

To take the measurements, take the distance between the two walls you wish the divider to run between. This will give you the length that your vertical blinds will need to run. Next, measure the height from floor to ceiling, take this measurement and minus 1 inch. This will give you the drop length (the railing height is included in the total height).

If you do decide to use your wooden vertical blinds for covering a long window or a doorway you will need to take slightly different measurements. For the height, measure from the floor to 1 1/2″ to 2″ above the window/doorway. Then for the length measure 1 1/2″ to 2″ past the edge on each. Alternatively, measure from edge to edge and simply add 3″ to 4″.

After you have taken your measurements you can then visit a blinds store and pick out your preferred design. If you are having trouble you can always ask a staff member to assist you. I personally prefer to buy my blinds online. I get access to hundreds of designs and stains at my finger tips. When I have decided on my design I simply type in my measurements and click order. A good supplier will deliver the blinds within a week to your door and with a drill and an extra pair of hands you can simply install them yourself.

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