Give an Edge to Your Bedroom with the Shabby Chic Furniture

The concept of shabby chic furniture is relatively new to the world of interiors yet has been accepted and welcomed worldwide. This kind of interior decoration lends a look of ease and comfort to the house, especially the bedroom and the lounge area.

People who have a passion of heritage and worn out furniture can actually make the most of this idea to redefine the decor of their houses and lend a vintage feel to it as well. The most popular items in the shabby chic bedroom furniture set are the worn out oak and mahogany dressers, wooden corner and shelves and even the Victorian mirrors that give an illusion of a heritage look to the bedroom besides making it look bigger.

One can also make use of lace trimmings on the upholstery, chic carpets with tatters and silk thread work to achieve a grunted and worn out look which is the new fashion statement for the famous and stylish today. In fact the concept has gained so much popularity that the manufacturers of new furniture are coating it with copper, blue and even green colored enamel spray to achieve the desired shabby look and make it a hot selling product. The color palette used for such look is quite soft with great usage of checks, stripes, floral patterns in lighter and faded hues to add an antique touch to the decor. Using antique photo frames, worn out dressers made from brass and copper and (which are repainted to achieve a better finish) are a great add on for some trendy interiors.

One can look for the antique furniture stores to grab hold of such items or else you can also pick this kind of furniture from junk shops that sell the items at throw away prices and you can re-do them in a desired manner to achieve your preferred look. Wicker furniture sometimes works well for this type of look.

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