Get a Lil’ Country with Southern Home Decorating Ideas!

The warmest home decorating ideas are those that are both grounded and gracious – two words that have always been associated with the elegant styles of iconic southern design. Country living has moved into the modern age, bringing with it a whole slew of new possibilities for personal and expressive home decor.

Rich, soothing tones are a common theme often presented gracefully in the southern home by using bold furniture, natural finishes, and sometimes even beautiful exposed joinery. Displays of personal and family artifacts are not uncommon, often appearing in tasteful asymmetrical groupings. There is never any doubt that comfort and personality play a crucial in modern country houses.

Photo By: R. Clock

Southern charm is all about the details: well-set tables, intimate seating arrangements, intricate furniture hardware, layered textures, and playful patterns. Consider using cork instead of cabinet handles, or use a stack of worn books to accent a vase of flowers. Bring it all together with an exquisite black chandelier – chosen carefully of course!

Anything ordinary can become part of the rustic atmosphere: antique maps can be framed and hung, an heirloom quilt can be displayed on a bed-end chest, postcards can be stacked and tied with a ribbon to be placed beside an arrangement of family photographs. Finally, sentimental items can take their place out in the open instead of being stored away.

The quintessential southern home is far from cliché; it is a spectacular display of heritage, memories, and collective experience.  These dwellings are not about vintage or modern home decorating ideas, but about updating the traditional favorites of generations past.

Beware – these ornamental interior design ideas can be overdone! To keep your country home from becoming what is known as “shabby chic” make sure that there is rhyme and reason to each personal touch. Southern style is known for elegance and sublime simplicity, two distinctive traits for which there are no substitute.

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