Decorating Tips for an Elegant Tuscan Dining Room

There are a lot of different themes within a Tuscan dining room. It can work with a lot of different design styles and elements. This is perfect because you can make it work with whatever colors and themes you have going on in the rest of your space. This is also a very interesting way to do a formal dining room. This theme does have a little bit of elegance to it. At the same time there’s an earthy element. This is really a chance to get the best of both worlds just by following these tips.

Make an entrance. This should be a very grand room even if you have casual furniture like outdoor metal chairs. You might already have small columns in your space. You could faux finish your columns so that they look like marble. This will be a very subtle effect. At the same time it will be a lot easier and less expensive than most faux finish design projects. Plus, it will be a more elegant. It’s important to use restraint when you use faux finishes. These were popular several years ago and they kind of got worn out just because people were going overboard. If you just use them in a very small dose then it will look genuine and important.

You can help incorporate a lot of the accessories and light fixtures that you already have. You probably already have a chandelier, pottery, pictures, frames and candlesticks. You can just style these in a very Tuscan way. You can choose different paint effects to make everything match and look like bronze or copper. This will give everything a cohesive look and allows you to decorate from thrift stores or even a dollar store. This way you can get an entire new look in your room. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a rich look.

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