Curtain Design Ideas on a Budget

You can give any room a new decor by changing the curtains. Curtains provide a warm feeling combining elegance with the existing look of the room. There are a number of curtain design ideas that you can use to dress up your home even if you are on a tight budget. During the winter season a quilt can come in handy on French and sliding doors. Get a large sized quilt and cut it down the middle. Quickly make a hem on the cut edge to give it a nice look. Use a curtain rod to measure the size that you want and the depth that you require. Fold the edge over to make a pocket for the rod. Sew the curtain rod pocket by stitching very close to the folded edge. Repeat the same process for the other cut half.

You can use your bed sheet as a curtain. Majority of the sheets are usually hemmed enabling you to place a curtain rod easily. The bed sheets are also available in different colors and patterns. They can be ideal for any average sized window, and great for making kitchen tier curtains. You should tie the sheets fashionably to give your window a nice look. You can use matching pillow cases as curtain tie backs, cutting the matching pillow cases into oblong pieces. You don’t have to hem the edges of the tieback as you can just roll them together when tying them on the curtains. In addition you can also use silk scarves that match the curtain to tie them.

Using table runners as curtains is also amongst the list of budget curtain ideas. Use five or four table runners depending on your window width. They are available in different colors and patterns to give your room an eclectic appearance. Use the runners by coordinating them with two twin sheets. Let each runner overlap each other to give the window an appeal by even appearance. In addition use match table runners as tiebacks.

Of course, you can also find quite cheap yet still great looking curtains online. Lowes Waverly curtains for example are quite reasonably priced, yet are good quality.

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