Corner Wardrobe Styles

As a way of maximizing storage space in the room, whether it be in the bedroom, lounge room or the kitchen, it is possible to build corner wardrobe units that look great and are extremely functional. These units may be stand alone cabinets that have been constructed specifically to fit into a corner or they may be built-in corner units that have been designed with the specific room in mind.

There are special methods involved in installing a built in wardrobe depending on the type of look that you want to achieve. If you want to utilize the L-shape of the corner the way to install the robe is to install two wardrobes. The first wardrobe would be sited along one wall while the second will be installed along the other wall. In between will be a void space to cater for the eventuality that the walls are not square and one of the carcasses will contain the wardrobe door. A corner post would be placed between the two wardrobe units to give them something to butt up against.

Another corner wardrobe unit style is the 45 degree corner wardrobe. The way that one of these units would be installed is to construct a standard wardrobe on each wall that is then joined by the 45 degree robe. The doors are sited along the 45 degree side of the wardrobe. The result here is an extremely deep shelving or wardrobe unit that makes full use of the depth of the corner.

Both of these styles of corner wardrobe units make full use of the extra space that is afforded by sending the wardrobe around a corner. The important part of creating these corner wardrobes is to ensue that the access to the deepest part of the corner is possible. The way in which the door system is set up will play the major role in achieving this access.

Once you have decided on the appropriate style in which the corner wardrobe is going to be designed, the next choice will be the materials you used for the facades. This will be a matter of personal taste as well as being influenced by the existing decorative styles of the room.

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