Beach House Interior Design

beach-house-interiorSo you’ve finally found the right beachfront property for you and your family and are ready to move in as soon as you can? Whether you’re planning on using your beach home as a second home for vacationing, a permanent home, or a rental property, there’s one more essential step you have to take before you can use your home. You have to decorate it. Decorating any home can be a time-confusing and frustrating affair, and with beach homes its complicated by the fact many people live a far way away from them. Try to limit your frustration and follow some of these general tips.

First, don’t spend too much money on expensive furniture for your beachfront home, especially if you’re using it for mostly vacationing. If you’re coming down to the shore for the weekend it may be nice to sit on that brand new leather couch, but if you just forget your have wet, sandy shorts on once the entire couch can get ruined. Instead, opt for furniture that blends style, toughness, and comfort. You’ll get the most use out of it without having to constantly worry on your vacation about ruining your furniture.

If you have a balcony or deck, you most likely will be spending a lot of time out there, so don’t forget to spend some time decorating it was well. Wicker furniture is very popular with most oceanfront homes because it is tough but also looks good and is pretty comfortable when you add a cushion.

Finally, make sure that you keep most of your decorating plans simple, especially for vacation homes. Odds are, you came to the beach to relax and stay away from the worries of the world for a little bit. Don’t waste your vacation away worrying about breaking some expensive dishes or fixtures. There’s no need to decorate your rooms with a bare light bulb on a string, but make sure the decorations you do choose add to the atmosphere without breaking the bank.

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