Are Custom Plantation Shutters Worth The Money?

Ordering Shutters For Your Home
Plantation shutters are one of the most elegant and timeless window treatments you can purchase for your home. They are often made with solid woods like basswood, but occasionally can be found in more affordable varieties made with a faux wood or vinyl composite. The most common way to order shutters for your home is to call a contractor in your area to come measure each window individually and install them properly. Unlike fabric shades or blinds which can be easily trimmed to fit, there is very little room for error when you build plantation shutters.

Constructed with louvered doors on hinges, plantation shutters can be operated with the panels closed allowing complete control of light and privacy, or they can be opened to reveal the window entirely for cleaning or uninhibited ventilation. Additionally, plantation shutters made of solid woods can be painted or stained to match any type of trim or decor.

Benefits Of Shutters
Plantation shutters are one of the most versatile window treatments you can buy. They can even be custom made for hard to treat windows like arch or circles, and they can even be fashioned into door blinds for your entryway windows. But aside from their aesthetic appeal, there are a number of functional benefits of shutters as well.

  • Ventilation – Whether completely opened, or partially opened, shutters give you complete control of the amount of ventilation and breeze that enters the room. Even when the louvers are closed for privacy you can allow some air to enter the room.
  • Light – Plantation shutters are second to none in light control. Their louvers can be adjusted to any angle to block direct UV rays while allowing natural sunlight to enter and bathe the room with warmth and comfort.
  • Easy To Clean – Simply wipe down with a wet rag. No dry cleaner or spot washing required.

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