Antique Chest Of Drawers

chest of drawersIf you have ever seen a true antique chest of drawers at a relative or neighbors’ house, you know where the phrase ‘they don’t make them like that anymore’ comes from. The hand crafted structural integrity and details are almost unmatched by furniture manufacturers of modern times. If you are daydreaming about having one of these pieces in your home, prepare to spend big. Antiques are not cheap. They can also be difficult to find.

Of course, the modern world has also brought about EBay. The number of categories for antiques on this auctioning website is huge. You may find what you are looking for under furniture or any of the ethnic antiquities listings on the site, whether it is simple pine drawers or a fancy mahogany chest of drawers. It may be easier to search if you have an idea of what you want going in.

If you are not sure, be aware that the options and price ranges for this type of purchase are endless. Browsing around on websites like or your local antique dealer store may give you a better idea of your options. Many antique dealers are just waiting to share their knowledge with curious customers, and will be a big help in your search.

If you feel like you know what you want, or at least have enough knowledge to know what you want when you see it, check out newspaper ads for estate sales and auctions. There are always some antique gems hidden away in estate sales. Attending these events can be fun too. The auctioneers are usually funny and friendly, and you will have the chance to meet other people who share your interest in antiques.

Another benefit to estate sales and auctions is the money that can be saved. If there is a chest of drawers that you like and no one else is bidding, you can get a great deal. In addition, these kinds of events are great places to find antiques that just need a little TLC. Some people love to refurbish their own antiques. However, if that work sounds tedious and difficult to you, there are furniture strippers and refinishers out there that can do it for you. Using them will just cost a little more.

If you are one of the lucky people that already own an antique chest of drawers that has been passed down in your family, enjoy. However, know that if you ever have to sell it, you could make a decent chunk of change.

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