Why You Can’t Beat a Winchester Gun Safe For Home Security

Ok, I’m going to come out right now and tell you – I lied.  You technically can beat a Winchester gun safe, but not for the price.  Though they haven’t been making safes the whole time, Winchester has been in the firearms business since 1866.  This has not only given them the incomparable insight that they have to produce firearms, but it gives them the know how to protect them.  Winchester gun safes are manufactured by a Texas company called Granite Security products, and for the neighborhood of $1500 you can get your self one heck of a steel box.

Winchester offers several models in their repertoire, including the EVault series which is a line of pistol safes, but the ones that I’d mainly like to discuss are their Tradition, Legend, and Legacy models.  Though the degree is variable, every one of these safes offers fire protection.  The Tradition offers 30 minutes, the Legend offers 45, and the Legacy model offers a full hour of fire resistance.  They also offer space for high gun capacity.  When you take all of the shelves out, the Legacy 45 can store 51 rifles and shotguns.

Where I think they really shine, however, is in the security department.  While I’m not going to say that they’re totally theft proof, they are built to hold their own against pry, drill, and punch attacks from burglars trying to gain unwanted access.  The aforementioned Legacy 45 is nearly 1000 lbs and can be anchored to the floor which makes this beauty extremely difficult to tip over for a pry attack.  Even if the burglar were to knock this beast to the ground, he would encounter a formidable road block in the safe’s 18 1 1/2″ steel bolts, and four active locking points.

There are definitely safes out on the market built bigger, stronger, and with more security engineering, but Winchester safes stand out with their value.  Ranging anywhere from $700-$1500, you are going to be very hard pressed to find another safe on the market with the security and fire protection offered in this price range.

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