dummy-security-camera-with-blinking-led-thinkgeek-2Real security camera systems can be relatively expensive but if you are in the market for a security camera system and you are on a limited budget don’t despair there could be an answer out there for you. Fake security cameras, also known as dummy security cameras are more affordable than real CCTV security cameras and are still an excellent deterrent for criminal behaviour. Criminals know that fake security cameras exist, but the problem for them is that dummy security cameras are astonishingly identical to real cctv cameras, with security sticker, authentic power cable, flashing led lights and real lenses you can even get perimeter warning stickers to put up around your property or business to make the camera even more realistic these cameras are made for in and outdoors and have a striking similarity to real security cameras.

Usually camera positioning would be discrete but with a fake CCTV security camera it would be the complete opposite. Fake cameras would be positioned in the most obvious position to gain maximum attention. By letting the criminals see the fake CCTV security camera you will create doubt in their minds and this should be enough to make them think again. Fake CCTV security cameras can be used for both domestic and commercial use, looking over car lots, back yards and so on. These cameras can be  easily mounted by anyone  who can use a drill and screwdriver, using only two screws and a mounting bracket your fake cctv camera could be up and ‘running’ in couple of minutes.

They are powered with three “AA” batteries which can last up to two years. Fake cameras come in all the usual real camera guises, from the big brother type to the indoor dummy dome camera. So if you feel the need for some extra piece of mind but do not have the budget to stretch for a real security camera system this may be an alternative option

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