Benefits of a Wall Safe

Without a doubt the increase in crime in our nation has increased the awareness of homeowners everywhere. As a result of this there is an increase in the number safes being sold to residential homeowners. Business owners have been using safes to protect their payroll and valuables for hundreds of years whereas the average person did not usually have a safe in their home, but this has changed today.

There are several types of safes available on the market today but there is one in particular that can give you an added sense of home security. Many find that deterrents such as alarm systems, fake security cameras, and floodlights to be sufficient. However if your home has been targeted by a would be thief these devices may not be enough. It may be time to protect your valuables and/or important documents with a wall safe.

This type of safe offers an extra level of protection in that even if it is found it would be very difficult to remove. When having your safe installed it is important to remember to that it should be secured to a structural part of your home that cannot easily be compromised. It should be hidden in a closet or the next best inconspicuous spot that you can think of. For most thieves time is of essence and they would rather grab those things that are in plain sight and do not require an extra effort to remove.

Another advantage of safes installed in the wall is that finding them can be like a needle in haystack. They can be in a pantry, a closet , a bathroom or any room in your home so long as it can be secured properly. In addition its location will be concealed by a picture or some other object that would appear normal hanging on the wall.

Some of the latest wall safes are made of solid steel construction, have masked hinges and insulated walls that make breaking into it, physically, like trying to get into Fort Knox. They have an added benefit of utilizing digital electronic locks that are fully re-programmable and require a lock and a key in order to gain entry. Never make the mistake of angling a fake security camera in the direction of your safe as this would be a dead giveaway and there would be no footage of the robbery. If you do have a camera installed be sure to use one with a wide view that can cover a broad area and not inadvertently reveal the location of your safe.

Wall safes are affordable and range from one hundred dollars to several hundred dollars depending on the level of protection you are seeking. Most models are built to withstand the heat and flames of your average house fire. Be sure to inquire about this when selecting a safe for your home. If you have valuables either sentimental or of monetary value that you simply cannot afford to part with, either through natural disaster or theft then a home wall safe may be your best bet.

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