Clean Mildew Off Your Household Surfaces

A straight forward mold and mildew removal product will clean most infestations in your bathroom or kitchen but you will probably need something a little more specific to help you with mildew on other surfaces. Anywhere in your home that is warm and just a little moist can be a breeding ground for mildew. When you find mold on surfaces like clothing, paper, leather goods or upholstery you will need to try some different mildew removal methods.

Take a little care when cleaning mildew off textiles. Whether you are using a store bought detergent or a home made solution check that your fabric is colorfast before doing anything? Before spending money on a commercial cleaner try a home made remedy. Mix a gallon of cool water with a cup of buttermilk and then place your textile in this solution for up to 12 hours. Rinse off and then was again this time in a washing machine.

Mildew removal from leather goods, whether it be a jacket or a pair of gloves can be done but needs a more considered approach. To begin with take the leather item out of the home and dust off the top dried surface of the mold if there is one. Clearly doing this job indoors is a bad idea. The rest of the mold or mildew can be wiped off with a cloth that has been dipped in a fifty/fifty solution of water and denatured alcohol. Be sure to place item in a completely dry place before applying any polishing agents.

When it comes to books or other papers affected by mildew you will probably only want to save the most valuable items, the rest should head for the trash. For those things that you want to save the key is to get them bone dry first. To do this you can simply place the item in a hot and dry environment or indeed in a cool but well ventilated room. The drying process will go quicker if you scatter a little talcum powder or cornstarch over the damp areas. Once dry just brush off everything with a soft rag.

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