Tips and Tricks for Cleaning Dirty Shower Doors

Shower doors can look so nice in your bathroom when they are shiny and clean, but a common struggle is how to get them to look clean and stay that way. Here are some tips and tricks on cleaning your shower doors that will keep them from getting those ugly water spots and keep the soap scum away.

The first trick is to just use a solution of white vinegar with a little bit of water. This is an easy and effective way to do your everyday cleaning.

For the tough water spots and grime you can use a steel wool pad with some dishwasher soap and water. Mix about a teaspoon of dishwasher soap with a cup of hot water. Using a pair of rubber gloves to keep the solution off your hands, dip the steel wool into the mixture. Start at the top and work your way down the door. Rinse the doors with clean water to remove all of the excess solution. This works because the dish soap breaks down the water spots, and the steel wool removes the grime. Don’t worry about the steel wool, it will not scratch your doors.

To keep your doors looking shiny all the time and to help keep those water spots away, you can use Rain-X. Rain-X is a product used to repel rain from the windshields of your car, and can be just as effective on your shower doors. After you have thoroughly cleaned your doors wipe them down to make sure they are completely dry. Apply the Rain-X as directed on the bottle. The water will bead up and repel right off of your doors.

With these tips you should no longer struggle with cleaning dirty shower doors. They will look shiny and clean for weeks at a time.

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